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The ellipsis... (also known informally as dot dot dot) is a series of dots that indicates an intentional omission of a word, sentence, or whole section from a text without altering its original meaning. The plural is ellipses.The term originates from the Ancient Greek: ????????, elleipsis meaning 'leave out'.. Opinions differ as to how to render ellipses in printed material..


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In linguistics, ellipsis (from Greek: ????????, elleipsis 'omission') or an elliptical construction is the omission from a clause of one or more words that are nevertheless understood in the context of the remaining elements. There are numerous distinct types of ellipsis acknowledged in theoretical syntax.Theoretical accounts of ellipsis seek to explain its syntactic and semantic ....


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Ellipsis is the narrative device of omitting a portion of the sequence of events, allowing the reader to fill in the narrative gaps. Aside from its literary use, the ellipsis has a counterpart in film production. It is there to suggest an action by simply showing what happens before and after what is observed. The vast majority of films use ....


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In mathematics, an ellipse is a plane curve surrounding two focal points, such that for all points on the curve, the sum of the two distances to the focal points is a constant.As such, it generalizes a circle, which is the special type of ellipse in which the two focal points are the same.The elongation of an ellipse is measured by its eccentricity, a number ranging from = (the limiting ....


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The discography of Biffy Clyro, a Scottish alternative rock band from Kilmarnock, consists of nine studio albums, three live albums, seven compilations, one soundtrack, six extended plays (EPs), 43 singles, 37 music videos and six other appearances. Formed in 1995 by vocalist and guitarist Simon Neil, bassist James Johnston and drummer Ben Johnston, Biffy Clyro released their ....


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In the study of color vision, a MacAdam ellipse is a region on a chromaticity diagram which contains all colors which are indistinguishable, to the average human eye, from the color at the center of the ellipse. The contour of the ellipse therefore represents the just-noticeable differences of chromaticity. Standard Deviation Color Matching in LED lighting uses deviations relative to ....


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Places. Eclipse Island (Queensland), Australia, an island of the Great Palm Island group Eclipse Island (Western Australia), a barren island near Albany Arts, entertainment, and media Films. Eclipse, by Michelangelo Antonioni; Eclipse, by Jeremy Podeswa; The Eclipse, or the Courtship of the Sun and Moon (1907), a film by Georges Melies; The Eclipse, a 2009 film by Conor ....


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The degree symbol or degree sign, ?, is a typographical symbol that is used, among other things, to represent degrees of arc (e.g. in geographic coordinate systems), hours (in the medical field), degrees of temperature or alcohol proof.The symbol consists of a small superscript circle..


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GPX, or GPS Exchange Format, is an XML schema designed as a common GPS data format for software applications. It can be used to describe waypoints, tracks, and routes.It is an open format and can be used without the need to pay license fees. Location data (and optionally elevation, time, and other information) is stored in tags and can be interchanged between GPS devices ....


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Character reference overview. A numeric character reference refers to a character by its Universal Character Set/Unicode code point, and uses the format: &#nnnn; or &#xhhhh;. where nnnn is the code point in decimal form, and hhhh is the code point in hexadecimal form. The x must be lowercase in XML documents. The nnnn or hhhh may be any number of digits and may include ....


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Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 is an American television sitcom created by Nahnatchka Khan and starring Krysten Ritter that aired on ABC for two seasons from April 11, 2012 to January 15, 2013 and July 19 to September 6, 2014. Originally airing as a midseason replacement, ABC renewed the series for a second season with some episodes from its first season aired as part ....


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The plus-minus sign, +-, is a mathematical symbol with multiple meanings.. In mathematics, it generally indicates a choice of exactly two possible values, one of which is obtained through addition and the other through subtraction.; In experimental sciences, the sign commonly indicates the confidence interval or uncertainty bounding a range of possible errors in a ....


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The Leiden Conventions or Leiden system is an established set of rules, symbols, and brackets used to indicate the condition of an epigraphic or papyrological text in a modern edition. In previous centuries of classical scholarship, scholars who published texts from inscriptions, papyri, or manuscripts used divergent conventions to indicate the condition of the text and editorial ....


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Wikipedia's goal is to be a free content encyclopedia, with free content defined as content that does not bear copyright restrictions on the right to redistribute, study, modify and improve, or otherwise use works for any purpose in any medium, even commercially.Any content not satisfying these criteria is said to be non-free.This includes all content (including images) that is ....


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Isaac Newton composed Principia Mathematica during 1685 and 1686, and it was published in a first edition on 5 July 1687. Widely regarded as one of the most important works in both the science of physics and in applied mathematics during the Scientific Revolution, the work underlies much of the technological and scientific advances from the Industrial Revolution (usually dated ....


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A kenning (Modern Icelandic: [chen:ink]) is a figure of speech in the type of circumlocution, a compound that employs figurative language in place of a more concrete single-word noun.Kennings are strongly associated with Old Norse-Icelandic and Old English poetry. They continued to be a feature of Icelandic poetry (including rimur) for centuries, together with the ....


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In morphology, a null morpheme or zero morpheme is a morpheme that has no phonetic form. In simpler terms, a null morpheme is an "invisible" affix. It is a concept useful for analysis, by contrasting null morphemes with alternatives that do have some phonetic realization. The null morpheme is represented as either the figure zero (0) or the empty set symbol ?..


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House of Usher (also known as The Fall of the House of Usher and The Mysterious House of Usher) is a 1960 American horror film directed by Roger Corman and written by Richard Matheson from the 1839 short story "The Fall of the House of Usher" by Edgar Allan Poe.The film was the first of eight Corman/Poe feature films and stars Vincent Price, Myrna Fahey, Mark ....


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Erno Goldfinger RA (11 September 1902 - 15 November 1987) was a Hungarian-born architect and designer of furniture. He moved to the United Kingdom in the 1930s, and became a key member of the Modernist architectural movement. He is most prominently remembered for designing residential tower blocks, some of which are now listed buildings.


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All My Friends Hate Me is a 2021 British comedy horror film directed by Andrew Gaynord and written by Tom Palmer and Tom Stourton, who also stars in the film. It was released on 11 March 2022 in theatres with a digital release on March 25. It premiered at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival.. Premise. Pete (Stourton) has returned from volunteering in a refugee camp and is ....